Welcome !!! My name is Nathan Blodgett. I have a passion for craft beer that I have acquired from my travels as a United States Marine. This interest in craft beer developed into a hobby that I thoroughly enjoy.

Mankind has been brewing beer for thousands of years. Beer was considered currency in many ancient cultures. The art of brewing has been fine tuned over the years and has become an excellent hobby for many. Brewing your own beer is a simple, enjoyable experience. With very simple equipment and a little patience, you can soon indulge in a delicious beer that you created!!!

This site is for all lovers of beer. Whether you are a novice or expert homebrewer, this orgainization aims to bring togther those that share a common love of all things beer. Cheers and happy homebrewing !!!

Beer of the Month

"Sofie" Belgian Style Ale

Goose Island Brewing Co.
Chicago, Illinois
Nothing says summer like a good Saison! A spicy Belgian ale, saisons are a beer like no other. This style, also referred to as a Farmhouse ale, was traditionally brewed during the winter to be enjoyed during the summer months. This style was almost lost in the ruins of history, but has made a revival thanks to many homebrewers and crafter beer lovers. This style exhibits a spicy character from the hops, a pleasantly mild tartness, earthly yeast notes, and a fruit filled armoma and flavor.

Sofie from Goose Island Brewing Company is an excellent reprsentation of this style. In 2011, it received a Bronze Medal in the Belgian & French Style Saison category at the Great American Beer Festival. Beautiful golden color is accentuated by a frothy white head. Spicy on the nose, this beer has crisp carbonation that embelishes the peppery notes that work well with the citrus and sour apple undertones. The Belgian candied sugar adds to this beer complexity as well as its nice, dry finish. Learn more about this beer and review other critiques by clicking the image above.